Landscape Construction

Since 1984, Exterior Land Development Corp. has provided full-service landscape design, development, installation, and maintenance of extraordinary landscapes throughout Northeastern Ohio. Providing exceptional customer service is our main objective as we at Exterior Land Development Corp. aim to create breathtaking outdoor settings for year-round enjoyment

Landscape management

Whether you’re a homeowner who just needs help with a few specific landscaping projects or a landowner who wants to designate the landscaping responsibilities to someone else, Exterior Land Development Corp. can meet your needs. With any good landscaping project, lighting is important, my advice is to check out Kichler Outdoor Lighting, they can be a huge help to make your landscaping renovation of the highest quality. From maintenance contracts with weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even limited-time services to a comprehensive landscape management plan lasting from the beginning of the year through the end, our professional service, knowledgeable expertise, guaranteed satisfaction, and unsurpassed quality will enhance your landscape and keep it truly exquisite for your maximum pleasure and enjoyment

Winter Management

Getting Ready For Winter

Before and after winter, your landscaping needs extra care to look its very best. From turning mulch to adding soil, from transplanting bulbs to pruning shrubs, we'll make Old Man Winter powerless on your property.

Horticultural Pruning

Pruning & Edging

By selectively pruning, edging, transplanting, eliminating weeds, and adding small amounts of colorful flora to your currently planted beds, your landscape will look manicured and pristine from the beginning of the growing season through the very end.

Color Enhancements


Perennials, annuals, bulbs, and shrubs add incredible splashes of color and dynamic textures to your landscaping from one season into the next, turning an ordinary landscape into an extraordinary landscape. Our expertise will assure all plants are positioned to meet ideal sun, soil, moisture, and space requirements, and to fit into your overall landscape design.

Hardscapes & Structures


Mother Nature has a special way of making ordinary events extraordinary. Expand your home’s living space by maximizing the out-of-doors. Patios, decks, pathways, gazebos, pergolas, retaining walls, porches, cabanas, and other structures and hardscapes provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy all the splendors nature has to offer in the privacy of your own property.